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Bhutte Ka Kees (Grated Corns)

What Is Bhutte ka Kees..?

Bhutte ka kees is a popular as well as delicious street food snack from Indore. some cities in India are famous for their street food and Indore is one of them. One more tasty snack from Indore which you must try is this khatta meetha Indori poha recipe.

Bhutta means “corn” and “kees” means “grated”. Actually bhutta is the hindi word for corn and “kees” is the marathi word for grated. So the name of the recipe has both the hindi and marathi terms.

For the recipe ideally desi corn is used. but even sweet corn can be used. Its best to serve this savory snack hot. makes for a nice evening snack during winters. While serving don’t forget to drizzle some lemon juice on top.

Ingredients -

  • 4 Grated Corns

  • 6 tbsp Oil

  • 1 tbsp Mustard seeds

  • 1 tbsp Fennel seeds

  • 5-6 cloves

  • Curry leaves

  • Pinch of Asafoetida

  • 2 tbsp Green chilli-ginger paste

  • 1/2 tbsp Turmeric powder

  • Salt to taste (1 tbsp)

  • 1 cup Milk

  • 2 tbsp Sugar

  • 2 tbsp Lemon juice

  • Sev for garnishing

Instructions -

  • Take 4 corns and grate them.

  • In a pan take oil. Heat the oil well, then add mustard seeds.

  • Turn the flame low and add fennel seeds, cloves, curry leaves, pinch of asafoetida and green chilli and ginger paste and saute for a while.

  • Then add grated corns in it. Add turmeric powder, salt and combine well. Cover and cook in oil for 7 minutes.

  • After 7 minutes open the lid and and stir well on low flame. Then add 1/2 cup milk and mix well. After mixing add the rest 1/2 cup milk and mix.

  • Again cover and cook for 10 minutes at low flame.

  • After 10 minutes open the lid and add sugar (as per taste) and lemon juice and combine well.

  • Turn off the flame and garnish it with sev. Bhutte ka Kees is ready to serve.

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