• Amita Makwana

Khajoor-Anjeer Milkshake (Figs and Dates Shake)

What Is Khajoor-Anjeer Shake..?

Figs or Anjeer are a soft fruit and can be eaten ripe or dried.Figs are called nature's Candy as they are high in natural sugars. Figs are high in natural Sugars Minerals and soluble fiber. Figs are rich in minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, etc. Figs are a great source of antioxidant vitamins like vitamin A and Vitamin K which are vital for good health.

Dates or Khajur a great source of antioxidants they can be eaten fresh or dried. Dates have a low glycemic index and hence are good for blood sugar balance. Dates are known by Medical Research to lower blood pressure. Dates contain brain boosters ,they are full of vitamins and fiber and excellent for digestive health. Dates are known by Medical research to lower blood cholesterol thus improving heart health. So we must include this fantastic super foods in a diet and reap the benefits.

Ingredients -

  • 4-5 Figs

  • 4-5 Dates

  • 2 tbsp Sugar

  • 1 cup Milk

  • 3-4 Ice cubes

Instructions -

  • In a mixer add figs. dates, sugar and add 1/2 cup milk and blend it in a mixer.

  • Now again add 1/2 cup milk, ice cubes and blend.

  • Tasty and Healthy Figs-Dates Shake is ready.

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